“I come from a dream. From where the sun is imposed and its ancient culture is maintained. Raised in a land full of blessings and freedoms of history and courage”.


My life was shaped by the hands of wonderful parents that marked my life. Her warm, loving, charitable and willing to do anything to help others, a lady. He respectable, decent, honest, outgoing, highly educated, thoughtful and politician: A KNIGHT danger of extinction.



I grew up in an environment heavily influenced by the culture, politics and philanthropy. Among the drawings and the art of it, a being who was synonymous with love respect honesty and dignity. I grew up between reason and the heart, between that anything is possible and passion, I grew up with my feet firmly on the ground but with hearts very high.



I grew up watching worried that the world was not for everyone … color. I grew up knowing she should not stay only looking behind my window, without doing nothing.

I grew to grow, I learned to learn that I can also paint colors the world to others. I understood that I should not study to hold titles to hang on the wall like trophies, on the other hand for me to others, to provide and yet everything is always made me slightly because I always had sides to paint and re-review . and I followed.



Policy is much more important: “Let no one should live it if you must live by it.”



I am a citizen of the world, are all my brothers. Use magic words like Thank you, and please.



I always write what I feel and feel what I write also I say what I feel and feel what we say, indeed I say to you are not my hands writing if not my heart.



But I am convinced that alone will not change the world, we will do together, like water to the rock, but always respectful conformist, starting with yourself …



And I continue to grow, like you in the pursuit of excellence.



Now you have an idea:
…… That I’m done.”


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